A simple way to calculate your Physiological Age

Tracking your biological age is imperative to understanding your health, how you’re aging, and how your lifestyle or other interventions are helping (or harming) you. Here we provide a tool for users to calculate their PhysiAge scores based on their own physiological parameters. This simple equation, using just your calendar age, sex, fasted blood glucose levels, average daily step count and systolic blood pressure, is based on our 2023 publication “A metabolomic signature of decelerated physiological aging in human plasma“. Having a PhysiAge younger than your calendar age is a great indication that your lifestyle is working for your long term health. Having a PhysiAge score that is higher than your calendar age might mean there are places to improve your lifestyle. For example, your diet will (indirectly) influence your blood glucose levels and your exercise will (directly) change your average daily step count. Disclaimer: PhysiAge is not intended to serve as medical advice.

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