Healthy lifespan

It’s time to take care of the most important thing you have, your health! Call it ‘healthy lifespan’, ‘successful aging’, ‘healthy aging’, or whatever does the trick for you, the point is the same. It’s about minimizing your chances of getting diseases while aging, to maintain the most amount of energy and youthfulness in your years.

Our team is very interested to know what factors associate with healthy aging, because with more research, we might find these to actually end up being causal to healthy aging. Our approach is generally to use biological age to find factors associated with decelerated aging. Our work using a biological aging score from movement patterns identified fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E as nutritional factors most associated with decelerated aging [1]. In other work, thanks to collaborations with the University of Maastricht, we found how NAD+ holds the strongest association to human aging health (in the muscle) [2,3]. We also studied how exercise or just sitting less influences your metabolic health relative to sedentary life [3]. Together, we continue the search for factors that can causally decelerate aging, which basically just means that we want to promote health while we get older.

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References (* indicates equal contribution and # indicates correspondence). For an extended reference list see the about page.

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