Biomedical science

The idea of a ‘fountain of youth’ has been a tantalizing thought throughout human history. While it might have always seemed to be a futile dream, our understanding of the biology of aging is at a point now where we are able to effectively extend the lifespans of model organisms; from simple yeast cells to complex mammals.

Our team works to identify small molecules that can serve as therapeutic compounds in aging. Our approach generally involves doing in silico (computational) drug screens using machine learning or other algorithms, based on ‘omics’ or other large complex datasets. We search for compounds that activate longevity pathways or reverse detrimental aging changes. Once we get candidate lists of compounds, we validate these in model organisms such as worms or mice for their aging-therapeutic potential and discern the mechanism of action of the compounds.

Our work has led us to explore multiple routes to promote healthy aging through small molecules, including (A) compounds that activate the longevity transcription factor FOXO3 to increase cell-protective signaling cascades [1,2], (B) certain anti-retrovirals that activate the mito-cytosolic stress transcription factor ATF4 [3,4], (C) epigenetic modifier drugs known as histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors [4,5], (D) doxazosin, an alpha blocker associated with improved movement patterns with age in humans [7], and (E) inhibitors of HSP90 that activate the unfolded protein response via the transcription factor HSF1 and promote proteostasis [8]. We also have other small molecules that are in secret development :-). And all of these compounds require further research before applying to humans as an intervention to promote healthy aging [9,10].

For a great presentation on a drug we discovered that extends healthspan and lifespan–the anti-retroviral zidovudine–I’d invite you to listen to Rebecca McIntyre, a PhD student (graduated oct 2022) give a talk at the ARDD 2022 conference in Copenhagen:

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