For the advanced enthusiast of the science of health and aging, here is a partial and growing list of resources to explore (If you feel that your resource should be listed here too, please send me a message). As a disclaimer, I may not necessarily agree with everything written by these resources:

Databases related to aging for academic use 
LongevityMap: a database of genetic association studies of human longevity
The Digital Ageing Atlas: a catalog of age-related changes occurring in humans and mice.
AgeDB: the Lifespan Observations database is a database of interventions (genetic and environmental) which modulate lifespans in model organisms.
GenAge: a database of aging related genes. It contains genes related to longevity in model organisms and humans.
DrugAge: a database of drugs, compounds, and supplements which affect aging in model organisms.
AnAge: a database of life histories, including lifespans, of many species.
GenDR: a database of genes related to dietary restriction, a well known intervention resulting in extended lifespan in a variety of model organism.
AgeFactDB: a ‘database of databases’ which aims to integrate knowledge on the biology of aging into one resource.

Books on aging, health, and nutrition
As a textbook on the biology of aging I recommend the work of Dr. Robert Arking (The Biology of Aging, Observations and Principles), for a fun anecdotal story on being healthy I recommend A.J. Jacobs’ Drop Dead Healthy, and for popular health books on nutrition aiming to have you live a long and healthy life, I recommend getting familiar with the works of Dr. Dean Ornish (i.e. the Spectrum), Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller (i.e. the New Glucose Revolution), Dr. Andrew Weil (i.e. Eating Well for Optimum Health), Dr. T. Colin Campbell (i.e. the China Study), and John Robbins (i.e. Healthy at 100).

Websites on aging A website serving as an educational, inspirational, and informational resource on aging, from a renowned expert in the field of the biology of aging (he is also the developer of many of the databases listed here).
Longevity Reporter: An up-to-date blog covering breaking scientific news related to health, longevity, and aging.
ABU: Aging Biology Updates from the Nathan Shock Center. Monthly updates are given on the most recent scientific literature on aging. The US government’s site for statistics on aging.
Oroborous: A blog that is no longer updated, but contained well written reviews on academic publications related to the biology of aging.
Sens foundation: This links to the blog page of the foundation, which covers topics on how biomedical technology can slow or reverse aging.
FightAging: A blog with a provocative title, but one which also covers scientific publications generally related to biomedicine and technologies to reverse aging.
JenAge: A website from the Leibniz Institute for Age Research – Fritz Lipmann Institute in Jena. This website has many other resources on the biology of aging (including database links, conference calendars, books, journals, other blogs, and much more), so I recommend them as a resource to fill in the gaps I may have on this resources page.

Academic journals on aging
AgeAgingAging and Mechanisms of DiseaseAging CellAging research reviewsBiogerontology, Experimental Gerontology, Gerontology, Immunity and AgeingMechanisms of Ageing and Development, Neurobiology of Aging, Rejuvenation Research